Namib Desert


Namib Desert

Sosus Vlei

The Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and one of the most hostile landscapes on earth. But here you find the most iconic sand dunes in the world. Close to the gate of the national park is accommodation in the form of lodges and campgrounds. Access is limited to daytime. Try to get through the gates as early as possible and enjoy the 60 km drive to the parking at the Vlei. There are lots of photo opportunities along the way. The last 5 kilometers are for 4wd only and they mean it. If you are not used to driving in the sand, take a shuttle car.


You can walk around in the dunes, see the dead vlei with its trees and just be amazed by the nature, the beauty of the patterns in the sand and the fact, that there is still life. Though it never rains, the moist air condenses in the cold nights and provide some fog in the early hours of the day. Enough for some vegetation and the ever present Oryx. The rolling sand sea in the early morning sun is one of the most spectacular views on earth. From here on there is only sand until the desert meets the atlantic ocean.