Is it possible to be liveaboards in Sweden?

We are probably not the only ones, but the lack of available and affordable apartments in Sweden is really pissing us off. An alternative could be a change towards boatlife.

After looking around the Internet for a while, I stumbled across this ship. How could I say no to it? After 2 visits, we both agreed, to buy it. We didn’t ask the cats though……

M/S Sjötor, our start into boatlife

Its been a while…..
We bought the boat. We have no idea how to pull this off but we will try. We managed to sail to Sweden, learned how to operate the boat and had some really nice days at sea. The previous owner helped us to get to Strömstad in Sweden, explaining a lot and gave us an overview on the boats technologies and facilities. We take it from there.

lighthouse600One of the numerous lighthouses along the coast of Norway. We sailed up the coast from Grimstad to Sandefjord, finding our way through countless rocks and island.




The trip to Göteborg took us a little while, we sailed slowly, sleeping over in some nice places. Swedens west coast is famous for its skärgård, the numerous small islands that form a unique landscape.

Sleepover in Bovallstrand

The pier in Bovallstrand.

_8886735Dekoration at a house in Risör, Norway