Travel the world – for most people this means exotic places, extreme landscapes, foreign countries and indigenous people. And of course these things are worth a trip, you take a time out, see something different, relax and even learn something. Many people use their precious holidays for that, some even quit their jobs to have more time to see the world. I did and do both.

With the idea of blogging came a lot of thoughts and considerations. And one, that seems important to me, is the simple fact, that the place, you live in is the place, others travel to. For you, and everyone else, for that matter, your hometown is the most normal place to be in. For others, this is the exotic place, they came from far away to see.
That is the reason, I started this blog, to show you the places, that are your travel destination but my hometown. And a bit around it.
And maybe you like the idea of having the adventure closer to your every day life. See the things, that are around you in a different way. Do you have visitors from time to time? People, who ask you, what to do in your hometown? And you have to admit, that you never visited the museum 2 blocks away from your house?

About me

Andrew, living in Sweden for some years now. IT trainer and Photographer for some years, I work for a car and parking service company in Norway now. The beauty is, that I work every second week, which leaves me a lot of free time in between.